Destin Real Estate Market

Destin Real Estate Market

The real estate market seems to always be in the news these days. With interest rates increasing and the overall national home prices seeming to cool off a bit after their banner year in 2021, home prices have been quite the topic of interest. But what is happening nationally might be different in localized real estate markets. If you are exploring Destin real estate as a buyer or a seller, it will pay to learn as much as possible about the housing situation in this Emerald Coast community.

Recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows promising growth in this small city

Destin’s population has increased by over 10% from its count in 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. As more folks are moving into Destin, they are bringing with them a solid median household income, and investing that income into properties that command prices higher than the national average.

The current real estate trends in Destin are in line with the national ones, with the prospect of the market leveling off and staying well above pre-pandemic prices. This is good news for sellers, as they will still turn a good profit on the property that they have held. But it’s also a good sign for buyers, as forecasters predict that the market will not cool much further.

Destin has true luxury homes on the market

Your search for beautiful beachfront property can begin when you explore the various Destin homes for sale in the current real estate market. Whether you are looking for the perfect beachfront house or a luxury condo in a highrise along the ocean, Destin will have many great choices for you to view. Ranging from about $300K to just over $3M, these properties hold a vast array of amenities that are sure to greatly enhance your life in your new home. Beautifully crafted swimming pools, artful and professional landscaping, and sweeping lawns that lend a good amount of privacy are just part of what some of these palaces by the sea offer. If you are ready to begin exploring the options in Destin, Marie Babin will help you begin your search for your dream home along the coast.

If you are considering selling Destin real estate, knowing the market will help craft your decision 

If you are looking to list your property for sale, you might have become a bit concerned about reports indicating a cooling national housing market. Forbes reports that prices fell 1.7% year over year from April 2022 to April 2023, giving hope to home buyers and a bit of dread to sellers. But there are many factors at play here, and they are not all bad news for potential sellers of Destin real estate.

Though median home prices have dropped slightly, they are still much higher than their pre-2020 pandemic averages. Additionally, most financial forecasters predict that even though the median home prices have dropped some, that they will level off. What does this mean for sellers?

There is still a shortage of homes, making the demand for them high. And even though rising interest rates have made some home owners decide to stay put for the time being, there are a good number of first time home buyers entering the housing market for the first time. Additionally, there are others who wish to downsize, putting their existing homes on the market in hopes of finding their retirement home.

As a seller, you’ll still be able to capitalize on the demand for real estate. This is especially true along the Emerald Coast, where the area is seeing solid growth. And if you need to sell your existing property, you’ll sleep better knowing that an experienced realtor will be able to better market your property to the right buyers, and still negotiate a solid price even when the market has dropped a bit.

As a buyer, you’ll find that Destin real estate has great options to choose from

As we mentioned before, Destin has great options for luxury real estate to explore. But there are also homes that suit smaller budgets, while still delivering wonderful amenities for your new home in this popular community.

Begin by making a list of your absolute “must haves” for your new home. Once you’ve thought those through, you’ll move on to making a list of what you “want” the home to have, but wouldn’t necessarily be a deal breaker if the home was without.

From there, your search for your home in Destin will begin. Your agent will compile a list of properties that fit your needs, sharing with you photos and videos of the interiors and exteriors. You’ll get spec sheets from the MLS listings that give you the needed details, helping you whittle the options down a bit. Finally, your agent will schedule you to view the homes you selected from their list, getting you inside them for a personal guided tour.

Once you’ve decided on a home, you’ll be ready to make an offer through your real estate agent. Should all go according to plan, you’ll move forward into your new Destin home and begin to enjoy a new life on the Emerald Coast!

Your journey into Destin real estate should begin by meeting with an experienced real estate professional

Whether you are buying Destin real estate or selling your existing property, your real estate experience should begin by meeting with a trusted real estate professional. A skilled realtor like Marie Babin has the marketing mastery to get your property in front of the right qualified buyers, getting you great results. And if you are looking for a home, these Destin real estate agents will work to get you into the home of your dreams in this popular and growing city. Reach out to Marie and the Marie Babin Team today!

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