4 Steps to Prep for the Spring Sales Market

4 Steps to Prep for the Spring Sales Market

Whether you are preparing to sell your primary home or your vacation home ~ Spring Cleaning is a great start.  It doesn't have to be a daunting task if you plan ahead and tackle it in four steps.

1. Declutter - It's  easier to clean when starting with a blank canvas. By organizing first, you'll make it more manageable to clean rooms and surfaces with less clutter. Re-think the nik-naks that have held space for a few years.  Table tops should have just one or two well-thought pieces on display.

2. Refresh - Living spaces, Kitchen, Dining and Entry Way

Scrub baseboards & walls - Sweep & mop hard surface floors - Vacuum carpet & rugs - Dust all surfaces – ceiling fan blades, tops of doors, blinds etc. - Wash windows & windowsills 

Vacuum couches, sofas, & chairs - Dust electronics including laptop & TV screens - Dust & polish wood furniture, surfaces, mantles, ceiling fans etc. - Dust & clean all décor/

Polish/wipe down all appliances  - Wipe down & disinfect all counters - Scrub backsplash - Scrub & disinfect the sink area - Wipe down cabinets & drawers

3. Revive - Bedrooms and Bathrooms

Wash bedding and linens - Clean under bed - Dust furniture and wipe down - Fluff pillows & make bed with fresh linens

Clean countertop and sink - Scrub & disinfect toilet - Scrub & clean shower - Wipe down mirror - Wash toothbrush holders - Wash bathmats, shower curtains and liners - Wash hand towels 

4. Finish with Floors & HVAC

Professionally clean carpet and rugs - Hardwood - Tile & grout - Call on the professionals to clean Air ducts - HVAC system - Dryer vent 

Following these steps can make a great impact on how buyers feel when they enter your space.  Take the time to insure you've done your part to give a great first impression.



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